President Trump’s First 106 Days

As we review President Trump’s first 106 days, let’s be honest: he is facing intense domestic political headwinds. The Left has gone off their rockers to the point where even when they stop rioting and try to use their words, they are incoherent. The mainstream press has all but given up any pretense of fairness, and even members of the President’s own party keep messing with him. So even though I have a couple areas of disappointment about his nascent Presidency, my instinct now, my responsibility even, is to first say lets be supportive of our President. We are a democracy, we elected him. If you have a policy issue, then fine, state your case in a civilized, constructive way.

The high level of interference we are seeing is to be expected, though, given what he is trying to accomplish. And I don’t mean repealing this, or building that. I mean establishing a new paradigm for how we do things in Washington. As the President has said, he is not just leading a change from one party to the other one; he is prying the country away from the political machinery and giving it back to the people. I call that populism, and I like it. Of course there are those who will, uh, “resist” him; those who (a) like it best the way it was because they were doing quite well, and (b) those who are manipulated by (a).

But as it becomes increasingly clear how unscrupulous was the previous administration, we should appreciate that the bad behavior is only being revealed because, thanks to President Trump, those who were in power are losing their power, and with it, the ability to conceal their mischief. Oh, they will say they only meant to protect their lovable little sheep, who would never understand the High Concepts that motivate the elites who must bear the burden of leadership. But good grief—what a bunch of hosers we had running this place for the previous eight years! Holder, Lynch, Rice, oh, and Hillary, are like those outlaw gang members in the old westerns—they weren’t the stars, but they backed up their the boss when he got in a tough spot. Obama: “You want to take me in, sheriff? My boys here might have something to say about that.” Ah, but the sheriff is a new guy, with strange ways. He distracts them, confuses them, and they flee.

No, no one else was going to run that gang out of town, not Jeb, not Marco, nothing except the weirdness that is The Donald. Some crazy-sounding tweet about getting wiretapped, and the next thing you know—uh oh, some truth to that. Huh. Sure, Obama is articulate and intelligent, and a lot of people miss him, but he did a lot of damage, and I’m thinking that in time more will be uncovered about the wreckage wrought by his arrogance, his ineptitude, his lack of appreciation for American accomplishments, and his failure to understand who we are as a country. And if you think I’m being unduly harsh, see what you think after a few more months of revelations.

Regarding my disappointments with President Trump during his first 106 days, I have just two. One is his fixation on repealing Obamacare. I wish he’d just find a way to let that one go, and in any event, it’s too late to repeal Obamacare unless you want to go to single payer or socialized medicine (which we might as well do). And, from what I’ve heard, this bill the House just passed with all the hoopla only pretends to repeal Obamacare. (Wait just a minute…maybe he did find a way to let that one go.)

The other disappointment is our current strained relations with Russia. The moment when candidate Trump won me over was when he asked during his campaign, “Wouldn’t it be nice to be friends with Russia?” Yes! So what happened? Is he spooked by all the yammering about Russia meddling in our election (“meddling” = providing the American people with information) or inferences of some kind of collusion between his campaign team and Russia (which, if there is any kind of actual evidence of a crime, let’s see it)? Mr. President, if you’re reading this—and you should be!—do what you know is right, and let the Left, the warmongering neocons, and the idiots in the press sort it out later. Russia is not our natural enemy. Invite Putin over for a beer. You are the President!

All in all, I’d say President Trump has had a pretty good 106 days, but it’s just a start. If everyone will just give him a break, and maybe turn down the volume a tad, we’ll all be better off. This is a very interesting moment in our country, and for me, it’s exciting to witness it.


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