“Republicans Aren’t Activists.”

Written in response to  “Prominent Leftists Now Outright Condone Violence To Oppose Trump,” a piece written by Daniel Payne in The Federalist.

Mrs. Beifong (a Bernie supporter) had an interesting take on all the angry protests following the Presidential election. I asked of she could imagine Republicans demonstrating in the streets had Hillary been elected. She said “Republicans aren’t activists.”

Good point. Republicans tend to respect the rule of law and the political process. It would be absurd, to us, to demonstrate against the result of a democratic election. What you do is you vote, and if your person doesn’t win, you consider political options, maybe get involved in your local party, or just move on with your life. No windows need to get broken, no faces need to be punched, no cops need to get hit with bricks.

The Democrats, on the other hand, particularly those who like to think of themselves as “progressive” without appreciating the irony of how retrograde they actually are, love those stories about the demonstrations and riots of the 1960s. But they missed the part where the counter-culture back in the day actually had a point. Those who protested against the Vietnam war and Jim Crow laws could claim a noble purpose. But what about these rioters today? What is their message—Hell No Electoral College? We Shall Overcome the Temporary Travel Ban?

It’s like they have fallen in love with the theatrics of protest, but have no appreciation for the need to have a rationale for their antics. I’m starting to wonder if we have stopped teaching American Government in school now, so we have this whole generation that thinks if they don’t get their way, they should just start screaming at people. And by stealing for themselves the mantle of the protesters of yore, they claim Moral High Ground, and with it the license to rampage and disrupt. Oh, not just license, but obligation. They are only looking out for the little guy, after all.

So they grandstand, they posture, they clap for each other, and just generally act like spoiled children. Which they literally are, in many cases. We have to take them seriously not because they are making any sense, but because they are destructive and, as Daniel Payne suggests, violent. Global Warming! Sanctuary Cities! Abortion! These are not discussion points now; more like battle cries. If people don’t calm down, this might not end well.

See, I might not be an activist, but there’s something to be said for just quietly plugging along within the system. I voted for McCain in 2008 and Romney in 2012, and my candidate lost both times. I did not need counseling. Nor did I take to the streets with a big sign on a stick. When I cast my vote in 2016, it was an expression of nonviolent resistance, you could say. Hey, finally won one! Sometimes you need a little patience.


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