Disaster Averted

Now that those in power are losing their power, and with it their ability to tell us what we are to think, we can see just how bad it had gotten with them, and it keeps getting worse. We were much farther off track than I knew. The bizarre rants and protests of the left following the election, and their hypocritical attempts to thwart the election results, were one thing. But now they want to  boycott LL Bean because a member of the founding family donated to the Trump campaign, and they want to obstruct the inauguration, and just generally they want somehow to make Donald Trump not the President. They can’t stand it and it’s hilarious. On top of all this is the prevasive post-election lunacy of the mainstream press, not to mention the last-minute antics of Obama himself (see Israel, Giving Shaft To).

So as we witness the final performance of a man who is without a doubt the Most Divisive President in Recent American History, as we painfully watch him ungraciously linger in the limelight, the audience shifting uncomfortably in their seats, the hook approaching from stage left, it’s unsettling that we nearly elected his understudy. Wow. Disaster averted. Thank you, Donald.


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