Bernie Supporters, Show Some Pride

Yes, I know he told you to vote for grandma, Bernie supporters, but show some pride. She hosed him, and he sold you out. He was leading a revolution that would have made Abbie Hoffman proud, then he said buh bye, suckers.

See, he had his moment in the sun, the rallies, the adoring fans, then… then the embarrassing capitulation to the woman he had said was owned by Wall Street, and the odious sight of the two of them together, waving, smiling, as you sobbed in disbelief. Bernie? Huh? What about us? I’ll tell you what about you: your revolutionary is revealed to be nothing more than a garden variety politician, and now he’s, oh, probably gazing across Lake Champlain in the $575,000 vacation home he just bought, working on his book (which I understand is tentatively titled “Please Don’t Steal This Book”).

It’s just a matter of time till a WikiLeaks memo is uncovered from the stack:

To: John Podesta
From: Bernie
Re: Still waiting for your check (already bought house)

So when he tells you to vote for grandma, just say no and pick someone else.


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