I Voted!

I voted by mail this week. So I’m done writing here about this election. Well, maybe one more comment afterward, but then that’s it!

Happy to report that salacious stories and revelations of political shenanigans, that I couldn’t stop myself from reading day in and day out, had no effect one way or the other. Turns out, there are some actual issues to be considered. I don’t want us to keep fooling around in the Middle East, I don’t want to be enemies with Russia, I don’t want trade deals that decimate our ability to make things here, I don’t want to keep hearing that everything is about race, I don’t want the protections we all get from our Constitution to be disregarded by SCOTUS, I don’t want to ignore our immigration laws, and if we could stifle the  “climate change” thing for a while that would  be great.

I don’t think grandma is with me on those things, so my choice was easy as I colored in the little oval next to “The Donald, Yeah Baby!” I think he’ll do fine as President, even surprise some people on that, and as a bonus, it also works for me that I voted to spare us the national embarrassment of having Bill back in the White House.

But whether The Donald wins or loses we are all in his debt for the way he has given us at least a hint of how worthless, in general, are the elites who govern us and the hacks who write about them. He does this by saying things that sound nut-job conspiratorial at first, but then, it turns out, are true. I almost expect Obama to say some day, “You know, I actually was born in Kenya.”

So I did my civic duty. Feel free, Fourth Estate, to keep writing those salacious stories and revelations of political shenanigans. Whatever. I’ll be checking my fantasy football team. Do I start Allen Robinson this week? He is supposedly my best WR, and yet I don’t trust him.


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