NPR Kool-Aid

I was listening to NPR on my commute today, and a featured bit was an interview with a Republican “strategist” from Florida. Of course, this being NPR, he was anti-Trump, and the interviewer seemed to take great glee in listening to him fret about the future of the party—even as he insulted Trump supporters, aka, the future of the party.

Oozing political elitism, he suggested that people like me were “literally face down in the Kool-Aid”– not a bad line, actually (although he doesn’t apparently know what “literally” means). Asked how he was going to cope with the vast number of supporters The Donald has, he suggested that maybe we can be “re-educated” after the election. Wow. That’s not weird at all. He figures that once we see the errors of supporting The Donald, we will get on board with a more conventional candidate next time and the party will move to the to the “Center Right.” Good grief. His ideal Republican might as well be a Democrat, and seemingly unaware that he was proving my point, he said he will vote for Hillary (who is reported to have said, at one point, that she moves from the Center Left to the Center Right.)

Where to begin? First, establishment blowhards like this strategist are a big reason many of us support The Donald. Mr. Strategist claims to be a Republican, but he’s like the most useless of Republicans, who have no ideas independent of the Democrats. With nothing to offer, really, they want our votes, then ignore us as they sit in their comfy chairs in Washington and make deals. Which they spin as “governing.”

Secondly, this asshole doesn’t understand he is part of The Problem, which is elitism, which has led to cronyism and corruption among our political class. It’s great if we can find people who are inspiring, who can provide leadership while still understanding that is we who put them in position to lead. But those people are rare, and nobody like that is running for President right now. Still, The Donald has shown leadership, humor, intelligence, and nerve. And that’s not bad. Inarticulate as he is at times, this former entertainer/playboy and current rich guy has somehow managed to poke a stick into the hive, and now the bees are furious. Nobody else was willing to that. Bernie almost, then he shamefully sold out, revealing himself in the end to be Just Another Politician. But The Donald marches on.

Thirdly, there are policy differences between The Donald and Hillary, and the differences are not trivial. Different ideas re trade, world relations, immigration, crime, economic policy, and probably other areas I can’t think of right now. So if someone wants to tell me that he or she is voting for grandma based on policy (and that has happened), I say “fair enough.” But this is such a strange election season that I am not so sure people are focusing on policy. For me, if I agreed with Hillary’s set of policies, I’d vote for her even though I think she is one of the most snavely people ever to run for President. You know what I mean, don’t act like you don’t understand “snavely.”

But re Mr. Strategist, I bet if I put policy statements side by side and asked him to pick the stack he most agreed with, he’d pick The Donald’s positions. And yet, he will vote for Hillary because he hates The Donald—called him a “snake,” I think. So what we have here is a pompous elitist who thinks he can “re-educate” me, yet he cannot make a rational decision himself on who to support, instead resorting to emotionalism. It as though, oh, I don’t know, as though he is face down in the Kool-Aid.


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