The Other Shoe Dropping: Single Payer

The hairball called Obamacare never made sense, and to no one’s surprise, it is unraveling. Some people talk about fixing it, but the idea that it can be “fixed” only works in the sense that you fix your car by buying one that runs. Obama’s heath monstrosity needs to be towed to the junkyard and crushed. Yes, I just said Obamacare is both a hairball and a junk car.

But here’s where I get into trouble with my conservative friends. Schemes to replace Obamacare with some kind of alternative involving private insurance companies, health savings accounts, portability of employer-provided plans, tax credits, purchase across state lines, insurance pools, and whatever else politicians are babbling about along those lines—they are ideas that may have worked preObamacare, but not now. I hate to say this because I was against Obamacare before it was (over the objections of feckless Republicans) passed, but Obamacare cannot be undone with a return to the marketplace. The toothpaste will not go back into the tube, as they say.

And the vexation gets worse, because not only were the objections to Obamacare (insurance premiums will rise, quality of care will decline, it will worsen our national debt, the Constitutionality of the individual mandate is dubious) apparently valid (SCOTUS notwithstanding on that last one), it may also have been, by design, a stepping stone to single payer. It is possible that even Obama knew it would not work, but was looking ahead to single payer. Possible. But I can’t help any of that. The time to stop single payer has long since passed. Now, in defeat, we must admit that it is just the other shoe dropping, and move on.


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