Kidding about “respectfully”

Published in the NYT comments in response to a ridiculous column, “Save the Republican Party: Vote for Clinton,” by James K. Glassman, 9/6/16

You see a political scale with the Left on one side and the Right on the other, but that’s a tiny continuum, and I doubt that there are “roughly two-thirds of Americans in the center” of it. A lot of us have begun to notice that there is not much variation along that scale, and we are attracted to the idea that there may be something else completely outside of it, and it makes sense that it would take a political outsider to recognize that and lead the charge to escape it. And it almost seems like Make America Great Again has helped you to see that there must be something better, hence the name of your erstwhile (or is it still around?) group, Better for America. I mean, do you not see any irony here, given how much you detest the man?

But as usual with these anti-Trump tirades, you attack his “temperament” but are fuzzy on exactly which, if any, of his actual policies you disagree with. Should we have a border? (The Donald would say yes.) Stop trying to nation-build in the Middle East? (Yes again.) Nominate people to SCOTUS who respect the Constitution? (Obviously.) Strong military investment? (Affirmative.) Are these dangerous positions, James? A “threat to the Republic”? If you would really rather have someone in the White House who would answer “no” to all of the above, I respectfully submit that you have lost your mind.


Colin Alphabet

Yes, of course, Colin Alphabet has a right to not stand during the Star Spangled Banner—we don’t arrest people for that sort of thing here. But Freedom of Speech does not grant you freedom from reproach by your fellow citizens when you disrespect our country. Our National Anthem, and our flag, are two things we should all rally around as Americans, regardless of our opinion about this or that policy or social issue. They play the song, you stand, and by so doing so you acknowledge that regardless of what you think are its faults, you love this country, you honor those in the military who fought to defend it, and you are proud to be an American. If you can’t even do that, Colin, you should go away. I hear they have football in Canada…actually, you may end up there anyway.