More Emails? zzz ← indicates sleeping

So the FBI may have found even more emails that Hillary didn’t turn over to the State Department. Well look. I think that we can all, supporters and detractors alike, stipulate that yes, Hillary has questionable political ethics. I think that’s baked into our perception of her by now, and further corroboration of what we already think will not change anything. I’m at the point where unless there is an actual indictment, I’m tired of hearing about it.

The real story is that the Clinton’s apparently don’t even feel the need to be reasonably competent in their sneakiness because the press has their back. Server in the basement—a good idea? Bubba on the plane with Lynch—are you serious? The political-media complex is real, and it has become so full of itself that neither the favored political class nor the mainstream press worry much about what the rest of us think about them. They’ll tell us what to think about them, what we are to see as important, what issues we are to discuss among ourselves. Hillary could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue next to The Donald and shoot somebody, and not only would she not lose voters, she would deny it and the media would go with that.

These are dark, and weird, days for our democracy.


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