Response to Susan Collins

The Republican Senator from Maine wrote in the Washington Post that she will not vote for The Donald. She wrote: “Three incidents in particular have led me to the inescapable conclusion that Mr. Trump lacks the temperament, self-discipline and judgment required to be president.”

Hi Susan, I’m Malcolm and I’m here to help you regarding your three incidents:

1. Trump says he did not know the reporter was disabled, and was just mocking a reporter groveling. That explanation makes sense to me after watching The Donald speaking to his supporters on other topics–he’s actually a very funny guy. So it turns out the reporter has a disability–do you really think he would mock that? I don’t, and it seems like a cheap shot to say he would.

2. His fear of judicial bias in a court case presided over by a judge with a Mexican heritage, considering that The Donald had been the target of pretty violent protests for his stand against illegal immigrants from Mexico, is reasonable. It doesn’t matter that the judge was born “in Indiana;” one would not be out of line to suggest that because the judge’s parents emigrated from Mexico, their son might harbor some bias in Trump’s particular case.

3. If the Khans has just stuck to their message that there are Muslims in this country who are patriotic Americans, and that their son gave his life for this country–if Mr. Khan would have stopped right there, I’d be on his side. But he didn’t. And when he pivoted from being a grieving parent to being an attack dog for Hillary, he lost his Gold Star protection and became a fair target for The Donald. Even so, there wasn’t much of what a normal person would call an “attack” on the Khans. More like a mild comment.

So, Susan, maybe take the rest of the day off to re-examine your position re The Donald. Look at his platform. Its good. He’s a Republican. You’re a Republican. You can vote for him.


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