Nice Speech I Guess

I watched Obama’s speech last night (Mrs. Beifong is a fan, and I don’t hate the guy) and saw and heard why politicians in America have become such a trip to listen to. They have their own way of speaking. It’s a language polished after years and years of refinement into something that sounds great but means nothing.

Obama clearly felt he had license to say whatever he imagined would play well, unhampered by reality, because he was speaking to the faithful who were not inclined to question him. Seriously. He could have said “Tide is a much better laundry soap than Triple Action Purex…and Hillary thinks so too!” and the conventioneers would have gone nuts.

It’s political theater. Theater obviously, because he does not need to believe what he is  saying; he only needs to convince us that he does. Political in the sense that he is trying to sell us something by seeming to establish a true moment: He says it, they cheer it, you watch it, you believe it. If you watch it and don’t believe it, well, you need to watch it again.

How many people at that convention in Philadelphia do you think actually, deep deep down, accepted  President Obama’s wondrous proclamations about the state of things today as actual fact, or his denunciations of the nominee on the other side as anything other than an amusing caricature?  I give people a little credit, and have to say probably most people there knew they were watching a well scripted bit of light entertainment, hoping that the rest of us would take it seriously and want to get on board with Hilary. Because we’re stupid.

Which is why, need I say it, The Donald is so interesting. He makes a wisecrack about the Russians and Hillary’s missing e-mails, and the political-media complex is flabbergasted–What? What? This is not how a presidential candidate is supposed to talk!! No sense of humor, those people.

Unlike Obama, who can get preachy, The Donald speaks directly to people, in normal language, giving us the benefit of the doubt as far as intelligence goes–yes, they’ll get the e-mail hack joke. Obama, on the other hand, will deliver political messaging with all the conviction of an evangelist on Sunday morning TV, backed-up by his choir of movie stars and Paul Simon, hoping that you at home will buy what he’s selling. I enjoyed the show, but I will look for salvation elsewhere.


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