Fun While It Lasted, Bernie

Welp, Bernie said he will vote for Hillary Clinton in November.

Jesse “I ain’t got time to bleed” Ventura said in March: “If Bernie loses, he is going to endorse Hillary, which to me, stops the Revolution. How do you get on board with somebody you’ve just accused of being owned by Wall Street?”

Good point, Blain.* Bernie is revealed to be a politician, not a revolutionary. He had his moment of acting up but in the end, he plays the game.

UPDATE:  I guess I owe Bernie a big apology! Apparently, as he explained to Andrea Mitchell, there’s a difference between saying he will vote for Hillary, and endorsing Hillary. Did you know there was a difference? I did not know that. So he’s voting for her but not endorsing her. Wow. That changes everything.

WAIT! ANOTHER UPDATE: Bernie endorses Hillary after all. I mean, I thinks so, because he just said at a joint rally, “I am endorsing Hillary Clinton.” So, I think that means he is endorsing her. So I take back my apology. Revolution over, Bernie supporters. And no, he doesn’t deserve a write-in. Take a look at Jill Stein. Or, dare I suggest, The Donald?

*If you haven’t seen Predator, there’s something wrong with you.



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