The Donald represents a positive political evolution in this country. It’s based on a recognition that the political class here is slothful and corrupt, so that we elect politicians who then proceed to get rich ignoring us. It’s based on an awakening that we are being fed what to think and say by Big Brother in the form of the  political-media complex, and we are disgusted and ashamed at being manipulated for so long—or we should be (some people will take longer than others).

Evolution is by nature a slow process, witness Republican politicians who understood well the old order, and made it work for them. They don’t get what The Donald is doing, or they do get it and don’t want it.  Either way they are nervous  so they call him “racist” since that usually worked—but he is not racist, and it shouldn’t work. In his own inimitable way, this imperfect man is providing the leadership this country needs. Onward, man! No apologies.


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