Bernie Supporters → Trump Train?

For what it’s worth, and I know this is just anecdotal, but my wife caucused for Bernie and she will absolutely NOT vote for Hillary. She is not a fan of The Donald either, but she has not completely ruled out that she would vote for him over Hillary. Not 100% absolutely completely no possible way ruled it out. (So she’s sayin’ there’s a chance!)

Bernie and The Donald, after all, have some things in common. The are both strongly against the TPP, in apparent opposition to Hillary (although her position on that may have opportunistically evolved) and I personally think Bernie and Donald are both less likely to get us involved in foreign military adventures than Hillary. But the strongest link between the two may be their revolutionary spirit. They both started new anti-establishment movements with passionate followers within the two main political parties, and that is pretty impressive.

If Bernie drops out and supports Hillary, as I expect him to do very shortly, his revolution will be over. So if you are a Bernie supporter and still want to shake up The Machine, The Donald might not be a bad option.

Some will object to the concept of a Bernie supporter crossing over to The Donald. They may point to policy differences between the two on issues like climate change, the Supreme Court, illegal immigration, and so on.

But many ordinary, and good, people are not policy wonks and don’t care about those issues all that much. They are not freaked-out about climate change, probably do not know who Atonin Scalia was, and do not think people should be coming here illegally but they have nothing against the Latinos in their communities and don’t care if they stay or go. They are more focused on local issues. Should a traffic light be installed at the end of their street. Do they want their property taxes raised to pay for public transit. Is their mayor an alcoholic. Things like that, in addition to the mundane non-political issues of paying their mortgage and raising their kids.

And many of these people have a sense that the Powers That Be in Washington have gamed the system for their own profit, and have become corrupt. That notion gets them steamed, and why wouldn’t it? We elect these politicians, then they get rich while ignoring us? Enter Bernie and The Donald. If Bernie capitulates to the Clinton Machine, The Donald will continue the revolution. Yes, Vive La Revolution!


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