The Throes of Rebirth

The thing I love perhaps the most about The Donald is that he demonstrating how devastatingly pervasive the PC culture has become in this country. In one interview, the interviewer here says “confused” about what the presiding judge’s parents have to do with the Trump U case, apparently unaware that in a court environment, bias can be an issue. I’ll bet this same interviewer would, oddly, not be similarly confused if a person with stock in Microsoft were to preside over a lawsuit against Microsoft, or if black defendant complained about an all-white jury.

But just in general, it is astonishing how otherwise intelligent people have become so acclimated to the political-media programmed groupthink that they don’t even consciously notice it, don’t even recognize how brainwashed they have become.

And I include people who consider themselves conservatives, who are determined to call Trump’s concerns about a fair legal judgement– “racism.” It is clearly not racism. People I used to respect are losing their minds over this. And maybe that’s a good thing, the throes of rebirth as The Donald, in his own inimitable way, removes their earbuds and tells them to wakethefukup.


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