Fun While It Lasted, Bernie

Welp, Bernie said he will vote for Hillary Clinton in November.

Jesse “I ain’t got time to bleed” Ventura said in March: “If Bernie loses, he is going to endorse Hillary, which to me, stops the Revolution. How do you get on board with somebody you’ve just accused of being owned by Wall Street?”

Good point, Blain.* Bernie is revealed to be a politician, not a revolutionary. He had his moment of acting up but in the end, he plays the game.

UPDATE:  I guess I owe Bernie a big apology! Apparently, as he explained to Andrea Mitchell, there’s a difference between saying he will vote for Hillary, and endorsing Hillary. Did you know there was a difference? I did not know that. So he’s voting for her but not endorsing her. Wow. That changes everything.

WAIT! ANOTHER UPDATE: Bernie endorses Hillary after all. I mean, I thinks so, because he just said at a joint rally, “I am endorsing Hillary Clinton.” So, I think that means he is endorsing her. So I take back my apology. Revolution over, Bernie supporters. And no, he doesn’t deserve a write-in. Take a look at Jill Stein. Or, dare I suggest, The Donald?

*If you haven’t seen Predator, there’s something wrong with you.




The Donald represents a positive political evolution in this country. It’s based on a recognition that the political class here is slothful and corrupt, so that we elect politicians who then proceed to get rich ignoring us. It’s based on an awakening that we are being fed what to think and say by Big Brother in the form of the  political-media complex, and we are disgusted and ashamed at being manipulated for so long—or we should be (some people will take longer than others).

Evolution is by nature a slow process, witness Republican politicians who understood well the old order, and made it work for them. They don’t get what The Donald is doing, or they do get it and don’t want it.  Either way they are nervous  so they call him “racist” since that usually worked—but he is not racist, and it shouldn’t work. In his own inimitable way, this imperfect man is providing the leadership this country needs. Onward, man! No apologies.

Bernie Supporters → Trump Train?

For what it’s worth, and I know this is just anecdotal, but my wife caucused for Bernie and she will absolutely NOT vote for Hillary. She is not a fan of The Donald either, but she has not completely ruled out that she would vote for him over Hillary. Not 100% absolutely completely no possible way ruled it out. (So she’s sayin’ there’s a chance!)

Bernie and The Donald, after all, have some things in common. The are both strongly against the TPP, in apparent opposition to Hillary (although her position on that may have opportunistically evolved) and I personally think Bernie and Donald are both less likely to get us involved in foreign military adventures than Hillary. But the strongest link between the two may be their revolutionary spirit. They both started new anti-establishment movements with passionate followers within the two main political parties, and that is pretty impressive.

If Bernie drops out and supports Hillary, as I expect him to do very shortly, his revolution will be over. So if you are a Bernie supporter and still want to shake up The Machine, The Donald might not be a bad option.

Some will object to the concept of a Bernie supporter crossing over to The Donald. They may point to policy differences between the two on issues like climate change, the Supreme Court, illegal immigration, and so on.

But many ordinary, and good, people are not policy wonks and don’t care about those issues all that much. They are not freaked-out about climate change, probably do not know who Atonin Scalia was, and do not think people should be coming here illegally but they have nothing against the Latinos in their communities and don’t care if they stay or go. They are more focused on local issues. Should a traffic light be installed at the end of their street. Do they want their property taxes raised to pay for public transit. Is their mayor an alcoholic. Things like that, in addition to the mundane non-political issues of paying their mortgage and raising their kids.

And many of these people have a sense that the Powers That Be in Washington have gamed the system for their own profit, and have become corrupt. That notion gets them steamed, and why wouldn’t it? We elect these politicians, then they get rich while ignoring us? Enter Bernie and The Donald. If Bernie capitulates to the Clinton Machine, The Donald will continue the revolution. Yes, Vive La Revolution!

The Throes of Rebirth

The thing I love perhaps the most about The Donald is that he demonstrating how devastatingly pervasive the PC culture has become in this country. In one interview, the interviewer here says “confused” about what the presiding judge’s parents have to do with the Trump U case, apparently unaware that in a court environment, bias can be an issue. I’ll bet this same interviewer would, oddly, not be similarly confused if a person with stock in Microsoft were to preside over a lawsuit against Microsoft, or if black defendant complained about an all-white jury.

But just in general, it is astonishing how otherwise intelligent people have become so acclimated to the political-media programmed groupthink that they don’t even consciously notice it, don’t even recognize how brainwashed they have become.

And I include people who consider themselves conservatives, who are determined to call Trump’s concerns about a fair legal judgement– “racism.” It is clearly not racism. People I used to respect are losing their minds over this. And maybe that’s a good thing, the throes of rebirth as The Donald, in his own inimitable way, removes their earbuds and tells them to wakethefukup.

The Racist “My”

I’m not sure people know what racism is anymore. It used to refer, in this country, mainly to a serious identifiable problem between blacks and whites. Now it’s turning into an all-purpose pejorative that can mean almost anything.

Take Trump’s comments about the judge presiding over his Trump University case. You can argue that there is no connection between His Honor’s Mexican parentage and his rulings in the case, but it’s not racist for The Donald suggest a conflict of interest in this specific instance–not racist because there is no stereotyping or racial denigration involved. It’s not as though he said, for example “all Mexicans are bad judges.” That would be, loosely defined, racist.

But given The Donald’s position on illegal immigration and building a wall to try to stop people sneaking in from Mexico, coupled with the rallies where Trump protesters fly Mexican flags, coupled with one or more rulings against him by the judge, then adding in that the judge’s parents came here from Mexico, it is not unreasonable for The Donald to connect some dots and think the judge may be biased against him. If you want to say he should not be going public with this gripe, you might have a point–you can say he’s impolitic. But not racist.

The media-political complex that tells us what to think seems to have an unwritten law: whatever Trump says, find a way to paint it as  racist. Exhibit A: at a rally recently, he says, “Look at my African American over here,” referring to someone holding a Trump campaign sign, who, incidentally, did not mind being pointed out. But use of the possessive “my” got the collective panties of the press in a bunch, because, surely, that was a racist “my.” Good grief.

But getting back…I’m not a lawyer (and I don’t play one on TV), but if I were defending The Donald before this judge, and thought that the judge’s rulings to this point have been biased based on the specifics of this case, i.e., the high visibility of the defendant with respect to the issues I mention above,  the passions his position on those issues inflame, and the judge’s personal family history (and, it turns out, his association with La Raza), I would file a motion (or whatever) to recuse the judge from the case. And that is not racism.

Milo Yiannopoulos, My New Hero

Normally I want my blog to be about me, but I just ran across this video of a Breitbart editor,  Milo Yiannopoulos.  He talks about the tyranny of the “bogus cult of social justice.” Check it out:

I can’t rule out that the girl who heckles him with “you are spreading hate (see video starting at 3:45)” was someone he planted to help make his point. It’s almost too perfect that there would just happen to be in the audience the sort of mindless PC zealot he is talking about, and that she would stand up and make a fool of herself. But I don’t know. Sadly, I guess its not so far-fetched that she would actually be that clueless. “You see, sweetheart, no one’s buying what you’re selling anymore,” he says. We can only hope. This dude is refreshing.