Too Many Choices

So political analyst William Kristol says on MSNBC that he wants a “third choice” in the Presidential election.

What does he mean by a “third choice”? I bring glad tidings to Mr. Kristol! We already have many many parties with presidential nominees to choose from!  Here are some examples (from

American Freedom Party, Bob Whitaker
Constitution Party, Darrell Castle
Independent American Party, Farley Anderson
Prohibition Party, Jim Hedges
Veterans Party of America, Chris Keniston
Party of Socialism and Liberation (PSL), Gloria LaRiva, not to be cornfused with…
Socialist Party USA, Emidio Soltysik, or the…
Socialist Equality Party, Jerry White, or the…
Socialist Workers Party (SWP), Alyson Kennedy, and let’s not forget the…
Workers World Party, Monica Moorehead, and also, you know…
Bernie Sanders

Plus other political parties are apparently still in the nominating process such as the Libertarian Party, Green Party, Peace and Freedom Party, and the Reform Party.

So there you go, Bill. Many choices, none of them The Donald. Pick one. They may not be on the ballot in all states, but maybe you could help them get there.

In any event, we don’t need yet another Party, particularly not a Sore Loser Conservatives Who Didn’t Get Their Way In The Republican Primary Party (SLCWDGTWITRPP). No. We don’t need that one.


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