A Surprise Gift!

Columnist George Will apparently doesn’t care for The Donald being in the Republican Party, and wants to protect it from “future Trumps (WaPo 4/20/16).” Why is that, I wonder? Because The Donald brings something new to the table that he doesn’t know how to deal with?

If you want to form a little group, George, and all get together at the country club to discuss how to run the United States, go for it and you could probably figure out ways to not let a future Trump in. Call yourselves Conservative Crybaby Elites Intimidated by Trump, or ConCEIT (TM). Or pick your own name. Just a suggestion.

But that doesn’t seem like a good vehicle for deciding who can contend for President of the United States in this day and age. Shouldn’t there be a process whereby we mere citizens, we ordinary folks, get to have a say in who the choices are? I don’t think I’m alone here in thinking there should be, and that the current incarnation of our two-party system, run by political elites, is not it.

Give him his due, The Donald (and Bernie too) has brought the dark side of our nominating processes to light. How do you change the course of a political culture that has grown slothful and unresponsive? The Donald is doing it from the inside, which may be the only possible way. And guys like him, of whom you are so fearful, George, don’t come along every day. You may say hooray, but I say his candidacy is a surprise gift to this election, and we should not waste it.


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