Little Insanities

It’s a symptom of our cultural craziness that we’re at all riled up about who can use the bathrooms in North Carolina. Businesses afraid of losing a buck, boycotting NC; rock stars looking for a pose to strike, cancelling concerts–whatever Bruce. It’s the media-political complex telling us what we’re supposed to talk about, to think about, to get agitated about. Otherwise who cares? NC made an issue where there didn’t need to be one made. They were not wrong, exactly, but they should have bided their time. Yes, sometimes Do Nothing is a smart move as we let the little insanities in life go and hope they play themselves out. The bathroom deal is one of those little insanities.

Trump’s reaction to this was pretty good at a recent Town Hall. He treated it like the non-issue it is, didn’t get excited, just said they should have left things the way they were in NC. And then, I love this, true businessman, he mentioned how expensive it would be to require special transgender bathrooms.

So there it is—some politicians will man the barricades and crank up the outrage; The Donald says, meh, we have other fish to fry. Let people  pee where they want. He’s tamping down the outrage, being his own dude, and showing an attribute I call “leadership.”


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