Ted and The Donald

I don’t know why I bother with the National Review anymore. If it’s a slow day at the office, I’ll take a look at their latest Stop Trump rant. Today it’s Erica Grieder, “The Underestimated Mr. Cruz: In the Texas senator, the GOP has an ideal candidate to stop Donald Trump.”

The ideal candidate to stop Trump. Ask yourself, Erica, how did Trump become the person who needs stopping? Does it not bother you at all that Ted is a factor only because of The Donald? That Ted Cruz would be a fringe candidate without him?

It’s great if you like Ted based on his own merits, but to suggest that he is “vastly underrated” is absurd. I think we all get Ted–yes, he’s a smart dude who probably got all “A”s in his high school American Government class. He’a also a politician–talks like one, schemes like one, grandstands like one. There is nothing special there.

If you are principled and want to Stop Trump, then find a candidate who is actually better, a candidate who inspires followers instead of one who has to manipulate the system for delegates. Find someone with a more compelling vision for the country, with greater leadership skills, and more nerve than The Donald, and rally around that person. But if you are just slouching toward a Stop Trump, you are a refugee, fleeing something you don’t want, for no one in particular. I’m sure Ted is happy to have you.


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