A Surprise Gift!

Columnist George Will apparently doesn’t care for The Donald being in the Republican Party, and wants to protect it from “future Trumps (WaPo 4/20/16).” Why is that, I wonder? Because The Donald brings something new to the table that he doesn’t know how to deal with?

If you want to form a little group, George, and all get together at the country club to discuss how to run the United States, go for it and you could probably figure out ways to not let a future Trump in. Call yourselves Conservative Crybaby Elites Intimidated by Trump, or ConCEIT (TM). Or pick your own name. Just a suggestion.

But that doesn’t seem like a good vehicle for deciding who can contend for President of the United States in this day and age. Shouldn’t there be a process whereby we mere citizens, we ordinary folks, get to have a say in who the choices are? I don’t think I’m alone here in thinking there should be, and that the current incarnation of our two-party system, run by political elites, is not it.

Give him his due, The Donald (and Bernie too) has brought the dark side of our nominating processes to light. How do you change the course of a political culture that has grown slothful and unresponsive? The Donald is doing it from the inside, which may be the only possible way. And guys like him, of whom you are so fearful, George, don’t come along every day. You may say hooray, but I say his candidacy is a surprise gift to this election, and we should not waste it.


Little Insanities

It’s a symptom of our cultural craziness that we’re at all riled up about who can use the bathrooms in North Carolina. Businesses afraid of losing a buck, boycotting NC; rock stars looking for a pose to strike, cancelling concerts–whatever Bruce. It’s the media-political complex telling us what we’re supposed to talk about, to think about, to get agitated about. Otherwise who cares? NC made an issue where there didn’t need to be one made. They were not wrong, exactly, but they should have bided their time. Yes, sometimes Do Nothing is a smart move as we let the little insanities in life go and hope they play themselves out. The bathroom deal is one of those little insanities.

Trump’s reaction to this was pretty good at a recent Town Hall. He treated it like the non-issue it is, didn’t get excited, just said they should have left things the way they were in NC. And then, I love this, true businessman, he mentioned how expensive it would be to require special transgender bathrooms.

So there it is—some politicians will man the barricades and crank up the outrage; The Donald says, meh, we have other fish to fry. Let people  pee where they want. He’s tamping down the outrage, being his own dude, and showing an attribute I call “leadership.”

Global Warming Fixed!

I was reading Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s endorsement of Hillary in the Washington Post. You know Kareem, right? Used to be Lew Alcindor, went to UCLA, changed his name, played for the Lakers, totally funny as a pilot in the movie Airplane! Lately he sees himself as an authority on what Real Islam is, and now he wants us to know who he thinks should be  President of the United States. That guy.

It was not a terrible read at first. He compares those who he claims use scare tactics to get people to vote for someone to “some sadistic camp counselor telling horror stories at bedtime with a flashlight under his chin.” Ok, nice use of imagery. He writes about being “frustrated and angry at hearing about frustration and anger.” Not bad. But when I got to “…some legislators ignore the experts, such as the international community of scientists who have studied and confirmed global warming…” it hurt my eyes. He lost me right there.

Thing is, it didn’t have to be that way. No. Had Kareem simply replaced “global warming,” with, say… “Mickey Mouse,” the piece would have continued to be readable and nothing of importance would have been sacrificed!

In fact, as it turns out, “Mickey Mouse” may be substituted for “global warming” in anything you read, with no loss of substance! Try it. It’s fun: Some legislators ignore the experts, such as the international community of scientists who have studied and confirmed Mickey Mouse. President Obama meets with world leaders to discuss Mickey Mouse. Energy Secretary Moniz says the global momentum to tackle Mickey Mouse has never been stronger. And so on. Thus is a bogus, politically motivated, quasi-scientific construct replaced by a funny cartoon character.

Yes, I am a genius.

Ted and The Donald

I don’t know why I bother with the National Review anymore. If it’s a slow day at the office, I’ll take a look at their latest Stop Trump rant. Today it’s Erica Grieder, “The Underestimated Mr. Cruz: In the Texas senator, the GOP has an ideal candidate to stop Donald Trump.”

The ideal candidate to stop Trump. Ask yourself, Erica, how did Trump become the person who needs stopping? Does it not bother you at all that Ted is a factor only because of The Donald? That Ted Cruz would be a fringe candidate without him?

It’s great if you like Ted based on his own merits, but to suggest that he is “vastly underrated” is absurd. I think we all get Ted–yes, he’s a smart dude who probably got all “A”s in his high school American Government class. He’a also a politician–talks like one, schemes like one, grandstands like one. There is nothing special there.

If you are principled and want to Stop Trump, then find a candidate who is actually better, a candidate who inspires followers instead of one who has to manipulate the system for delegates. Find someone with a more compelling vision for the country, with greater leadership skills, and more nerve than The Donald, and rally around that person. But if you are just slouching toward a Stop Trump, you are a refugee, fleeing something you don’t want, for no one in particular. I’m sure Ted is happy to have you.

Resistance Is Not Futile

Drop out of Facebook. Kill your smartphone. Having dinner with someone and you are both looking at that little plastic rectangle in your hands? Not everything is virtual, but you are starting to think it is. You can probably count on one hand the number of people who care what you are doing right now, or think your opinion is interesting. If that many. My truck is so confused it tells me my door is ajar when it clearly isn’t and I had to take out the dome light bulb. Look, I think I can figure out for myself if I’m driving with the door open. Do you really want computers in everything? Your house, your car, your brain? Do you run to Google to answer every question? People from your past that you haven’t bothered to keep up with will still not mean anything to you if you “friend” them. Drop out of Facebook. Kill your smartphone. This is my blog.